Perks of a Bullet Journal

I first mentioned my Bullet Journal in my May Obsessions blog. I discovered the concept towards the end of April and set myself up a journal in May and I have to say I really enjoy it! I have laid out my journal for the first part of June and have taken some snaps to show you. I like getting creative and adding a theme for each month but I am by no means the most artistic person- there are some incredibly talented people who do amazing things with their journals (just check out Pinterest or Instagram #bulletjournal- my personal favourite is Youtuber Amanda Rach Lee).

The Bullet Journal is an organisational tool which can be your diary, sketch book, to-do list, grocery list (literally whatever you want) rolled up into one. To read more about the system, I encourage you to visit bulletjournal.com. I have a Future Log, Monthly Log and Weekly Log (the basics of the BuJo) and also have a Weight Tracker, Expense Tracker, Mood Tracker and Social Media Tracker added in. These are mostly set up on a Monthly view however if you find you aren't using one that much, you can remove it the next month or add in a different collection if you wish. That is why it is important not to lay out your monthly spreads too far in advance.

But here is what my new June spread looks like and why I love my Bullet Journal so much:

So now for the Perks of the BuJo: First and foremost, the journal has helped me keep track of events and things I need to get done everyday. It is a great organisational tool and I feel I am better at managing my time because of this.

I really love that the journal gives me time to reflect on my day. Every evening I fill out my trackers, tick off things from my to-do list and plan out my next day. This is time away from social media, time away from screens and it is also a chance to be creative (I often find myself adding in little illustrations and quotes). As my work revolves around staring at a computer and my blogging involves computer work & time on social media, I appreciate this break and a chance to go back to the "old fashioned" pen and paper (I cannot believe I just wrote that- what is our world coming to?). 

The Bullet Journal has also helped me keep track of my fitness and weight goals. I plan out my workouts and check them off at the end of each day. One of the habits I track in my "Habits Tracker" is exercise, so it is yet another way I can get an overview of when I have worked out. I am also tracking my measurements each month to see the progress I have made. This is the longest I have consistently stuck with working out (not using a gym or a personal trainer) and is another positive aspect of bullet journaling. 

Some people will probably be thinking "but why bother with all of this when you can buy a journal at the newsagent?". Well, with this system you have complete control over the design and can customise your journal to completely suit your needs. And as you plan each month as it happens, you can cut out the parts that weren't working for you last month, and add in new designs or trackers you want to try out. For instance, my May financial tracker was a small square on my Monthly Log page. This month, I have designated a whole page to it.

The Bullet Journal system is time consuming if you choose to do it as I do and add in little drawings and set your weekly logs and monthly logs in calendar format. However, I think it is worth it and it is a small creative outlet for myself (and as mentioned gives me time away from technology). You can of course use a more minimal approach and keep it simple. Or you may just want to use a standard diary/ journal. Or nothing at all. It is completely up to you!

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