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As my sister and I have been planning to move out (yes, out of our family home at the age of 27....stop your judging!), I have been cracking down on my spending habits. So instead of buying everything impulsively, I have been adding them to my wish list. This is beneficial as 1) I won't forget the items I would like to buy and 2) it removes the urgency of needing them right now!


Surratt Relevee Lash Curlers

I have been using the same old pair of Revlon curlers for an embarrassing number of years. They now pinch my lids every time I use them and probably should be thrown out. But that would mean they need a replacement and if so, the Surratt curlers (or Kevin Aucoin) will be my curler of choice! I have heard great things about these- they are not as tightly curved as other curlers are and so many people have said they are the best curlers they have ever used. Also, they have a very sleek, all-black design which is quite different to others on the market.

Drunk Elephant

Honestly, anything and everything from this brand is on my wish list. They have a very beautiful minimalist packaging with pops of colour and a great selection of serums that are popping up all over my insta feed. One of my friends is currently loving everything about this brand and it is becoming contagious. The only thing that is stopping me is the price tag. The products, in particular the serums, are expensive but if you are going to invest in any part of your skincare routine, it should be on facial serums and oils (in my humble opinion).

Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

Charlotte released her dry sheet mask shortly after awards season and noted that she had used it on star clients such as Nicole Kidman. I do enjoy a good sheet mask, even though they make me look like Mike Myers from the Halloween movies. But Charlotte's is different because it is a dry formulation, not a wet mask like you can buy from nearly every makeup and skincare store. This means the active ingredients won't evaporate off your skin and because it is a dry mask, it can be re-used up to three times! Bargain! Right? Well, kind of- it is still expensive but if you are going to use each mask for three times, it is pretty on par with the price of wet masks. I am very curious to test this product out!

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme

I love Tata Harper products and have used their lip treatment and facial cleansers both in the past and currently. They use all natural products (no synthetic ingredients) and this eye cream has long been on my wish list. It is meant to brighten dark circles, reduce fine lines and hydrate the eye area but also comes with a pretty price tag and short shelf life (2 months due to the natural ingredients used and lack of preservatives). Mainly it has been the price preventing me from purchasing however as you will read further below, I may have gotten my hands on it for a very good price!

Sunday Riley CEO Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturiser

I love Sunday Riley's Tidal Moisturiser- it is part of my current skincare routine and is unlike any other moisturiser I have used. It texture is, well, there is no other way to describe it but "gloopy". Like silly putty you played with as a child, remember that? But it does its job and does not leave my skin oily so I am chomping at the bit to try their newest moisturiser which is packed full of Vitamin C and E and antiOxidants (hence the CEO).

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

I love the CH- she is the queen of skincare and knows everything there is to know about products that go on your skin. So when she released her own cleanser with Pixi, it went straight onto my wish list (and is soon to be in my hands, as you will discover further). She has always spoken of the benefits of the double cleanse so naturally her product contains both a balm cleanser on one side and a cream cleanser on the other. Two in one cleansing goodness. Who doesn't love that?

Tanya Burr Sunday Walk Lipstick

I have raved about Tanya's cosmetic range before and featured my collection of her products on my blog (see here). She has just recently released a new collection, Neutral Ambience. I love the formula of her lipsticks so instantly checked out her two new shades Sunday Walk (rosy pink) and Bear Hug (peach shade). I then instantly decided my collection of lipsticks was lacking a rose hue so added Sunday Walk to my wish list!

Byredo Hair Perfume Gypsy Water

I wrote in my Fragrance post how much I love Gypsy Water. It is a beautiful woody and citrus fragrance and apparently it now comes in a new formulation for your hair (?!). Hair Perfume. Because spraying perfume in your hair isn't good enough, they have designed a new formula which is meant to treat the hair and smell beautiful, all at once. This item is so luxurious and unnecessary and yet I have added it to my list. Will it ever come off the list because I made the purchase, I cannot say, but I love the idea of having that same lovely scent, spritzed through my hair. 

I was casually browsing online and came across a list of items to be included in the next Cult Beauty Box (curated by none other than lady Hirons herself!). These Cult Boxes are great to keep an eye on as the savings offered are amazing (this box equated to 40% off). When all of the items in the box have been on your wish list at some point or another, it is very hard to resist hitting that "Add to Cart" button. So much so, there was probably no resistance at all on my behalf and I did make a purchase. So my spending ban is off to a bad start but my skincare routine is going to look amazing once my new purchase arrives in the post! The savings were so good, I ignored all of the spending I did to get it. And I can now cross the Tata Harper Eye Creme and Pixi Double Cleanse off my list!

If you too are trying to save money, I hope you are off to a better start than me!
Until next time...
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