May Obsessions

I cannot believe another month has almost passed! This year is flying by so fast. However it also means it is time for another instalment of my monthly favourites. Again there will be a mix of beauty and lifestyle pieces so if this floats your boat, read on my friend:


I picked up the Cult Beauty Box this month and included was the Indie Lee COQ-10 Lotion/ Toner. I had not included a toner in my skincare routine for quite some time and am so glad I do now. This toner has instant effects, making skin feel soft and plump. I have not experienced such instant effects with any other product and could not recommend this more. It is an amazing product and I cannot imagine my skincare routine without it!

I also really enjoyed getting back to using the Glossier Balm dotcom. It has been getting colder and I wanted that extra layer of protection on my lips at night, which I most certainly got with this. It is thick and rich without being shiny (in fact, it has quite a lovely matte finish). I didn't think much of this product when I first bought it, but now I really appreciate having it around.


I have been neglecting my hair this month- I haven't been to the hairdressers in quite some time and have serious regrowth. I also haven't been bothered to wash it as frequently as I usually would so CoLab's Dry Shampoo has been getting quite the workout. I love that it is an invisible formula (no dreaded white powder residue in the hair) and it also gives an added boost of volume.

When I do get around to washing my hair and showing it some TLC, you can guarantee it has been the Wet Brush I have picked up (pictured below). My hair is fine but I have lots of it! I have an Evo Paddle Brush which was great when I had a fringe, but it doesn't cut it when considering the bulk of my hair. The Wet Brush is great by comparison as it has dense boar-like bristles and longer nylon bristles so it can actually reach my scalp through all of my hair. It also works on wet hair, so added bonus!


At Home With... Podcast is a new podcast by two British Blogger/Vloggers Anna (of The Anna Edit) and Lily Pebbles. The podcast is designed around Anna and Lily visiting the homes of figures of the beauty & fashion world. The interviews are a relaxed, conversational style and I really enjoy listening to it. I listen to the podcast on the Acast app as each episode is accompanied by photos which pop up on the app as the episode plays. I like to play the podcast while working on my Bullet Journal (which is a brilliant segue into...)

Bullet journaling was a new concept I learnt of towards the end of April. With my obsessive nature, watching one Youtube video about BuJo (a better acronym than BJ...)  quickly spiralled into having watched 26 videos and sitting at a desk creating my own. All you need is a notebook and pen and you can create your own bullet journal. It is essentially creating a custom journal where you can track whatever you wish to and keep yourself organised from a Yearly to Monthly to Weekly view. I have had mine for one month and feel it has really helped me keep on track with my health goals (see my previous blog). 

I have also been getting more organised with my Instagram account. I was inspired by other accounts on Insta where the feeds were so cohesive and every post looked like they belonged to the one account (compared to my mish mash of different products and colours). So I did a bit of research and came across the Preview App and its articles suggesting ways to organise your feed. This might not be interesting to those who don't blog, but it has definitely changed the way I run The Beauty Obsessive Insta account. My feed is now colour themed because I am insane love to change things up. It has turned my feed from this...
to this...

I was finding it difficult to get to sleep one night earlier this month and remembered someone telling me to read cook books at bed time. The idea is to read something non-stimulating to drift you off to sleep (unlike my usual science fiction or crime novels). I started to read Tanya Bakes which was gifted to me at Christmas time and found that instead of drifting off to sleep, I was inspired to bake again! This book has been given quite the workout in recent weeks- the crowd pleasing recipes include Nutella Biscuits, Raspberry Cupcakes and Custard Tarts. Delicious and a must-have for anyone with a sweet tooth and knack for baking.

My final monthly favourite for May is the Tubereuse Candle by Diptyque. Part of me never wanted to burn this candle as 1) it was expensive and 2) it smelled lovely without burning. However one day it was cold and gloomy so I lit this baby and once I started I just couldn't stop. I love the smell of tuberose and one small Diptyque candle can fill a room (and then some) with the scent. I will be sad when this finishes but will be able to put the glass to good use with makeup brush storage.

This brings my monthly faves to an end. There were no makeup pieces included as I did not find I was enjoying one particular product more than others. However let us see what June brings!
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