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I have a sweet tooth when it comes to food. Cake, pastries and lollies are some of my favourite things to eat. But when it comes to fragrance, sweet is bottom of my favourite scents list. I prefer citrus and woody scents and the fragrances I mention below have been my constants for the last year or two.

I discovered Byredo Gypsy Water EDP in Mecca Cosmetica a few years ago and it was love at first spritz. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, with minimalistic vibes and a heavy, magnetic black lid- the scent is like nothing else I had smelled before. In my opinion it could be considered unisex with notes of lemon, sandalwood, pine needles and pepper which definitely appealed to my inner citrus-and-wood-loving bohemian. I keep this for special occasions, as at $240, it is very expensive to spritz everyday.

My everyday perfume is another Mecca purchase, but this time from the brand Escentric Molecules. I picked up Molecule 01 after hearing other bloggers talk about how unusual the scent is and how they always receive compliments when wearing it. Genuinely, I too had never received so many compliments on a fragrance and questions about what I was wearing, until I started wearing Molecule 01. The ironic part here is that as much as strangers may enjoy the fragrance, I can barely smell it on myself. It is designed to mix with your own body chemistry to create a completely custom scent for each wearer. It has a slight woody scent when first applied, however, I cannot smell it on myself from then on. This fragrance is clearly well loved and the closest I have come to finishing a perfume bottle in a long time! 

I own several miniature colognes from Jo Malone (available in David Jones) and one of my favourites is English Pear and Freesia. Jo doesn't mess about when it comes to naming the scents, because guess what English Pear and Freesia smells like? 
Jo Malone scents are designed to be layered over each other and I have a larger bottle of Wood Sage and Sea Salt which compliments most of my miniatures quite well. The service at Jo Malone is also incredible and worth mentioning. The assistants are very knowledgeable about which scents work well together and usually give a few different testers to take home so you can experiment with layering. I always have a few sample fragrances rolling around the bottom of my handbag, which come in handy after a sweaty workout or for freshening up after work. 

Tip: Keep your perfume bottles out of direct sunlight to prevent the scent from degrading. This will mean a longer life for your fragrance. I store mine in a drawer in my dresser (although it is tempting to have them sitting on top, so I can admire the pretty bottles).

I would love to try out more scents from Byredo and also from Aerin (I love the packaging she uses for her fragrances but have not gotten to an Estee Lauder counter yet). If you are looking for something different from the stock standard fragrances you see at department stores and in chemists, I would recommend visiting Mecca Cosmetica to try out new brands and something slightly left of field.

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