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I am changing it up guys! I know it is usually all skincare and makeup but I wanted to share with you my health journey (and to make myself even more accountable so I stay on track!). Occasionally I may post a Lifestyle related article, if that is what I am feeling, as I want to remain true to myself and get things out in the open when I feel I need to. I will be adding a new Lifestyle section to the blog, so I can put all of these types of posts together. So here goes...

My Health Journey

I have decided that May is the month to get my physical health back on track! I have never had cause for concern regarding my weight, however in the last year, I have gained 10 kilos. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism over a year ago and progressively gaining weight even after treatment, I am trying to make healthy changes. My metabolism is not what it was and I can no longer get by eating some of the junk I used to and not exercising frequently. So I am trying to eat whole foods and cut back on the processed garbage. Don't get me wrong- I am not going to completely eliminate chocolate and cakes but I am cutting back on them heavily. I am definitely the type of person that craves something more, the instant I am told I cannot have it. So I am not cutting anything out- I am just switching things up! Physically, my aim is to move everyday in some way, whether it is a yoga workout, circuit training or walking the dog (all of which I do from home as I am also trying to save $$$ and don't want to add a gym membership to my budget).

Below is a list of things that I have found have really helped me get motivated with fitness and exercise again.

Fit Bit

I purchased a Fit Bit Alta almost one year ago and for the last few months it had been lying with a flat battery, in my desk drawer. So in April when I first wanted to increase my physical activity, I dug it out of said drawer, re-charged the batteries and started to track how much I was moving. Which wasn't a lot. At all. I have since been aiming to increase my steps and I think the Fit Bit is really good at keeping me on track and giving me that wake-up call to move my ass, when needed!


I am one of those people who instantly has more motivation to workout after purchasing new gym gear. Let's face it, working out is not the most fun thing to do (for me at least) and it is made less desirable when you feel frumpy or daggy, or even worse, find you have to pull your pants up every minute throughout a workout (whilst thinking, remember to never where this to the gym ever again!). I love Lorna Jane gear (see below colourful sports bras), in particular their Core Support tights, as they really add that extra level of support to your midriff. If you don't want to spend a lot on gym gear, Kmart also has a great range of workout shorts and tights on offer. I picked up two pairs of shorts for $12 each and they are really great quality!

Online Workouts

As mentioned, I do not want to spend a large amount of money on a gym membership, in order to get healthy. So I have been turning to Youtube for some workout inspiration. So far, I have really been enjoying Blogilates for short but intense pilates workouts. I love that these videos are shorter and target particular parts of the body. I usually select at least two videos to do in the one workout session and boy, you can feel the burn!

I also have been a long time watcher of Yoga with Adriene. I love yoga and it is brilliant for helping stretch out stiff muscles that have been worked on earlier in the week. I also have been relying on some dance workouts I downloaded during my February membership of B.O.D by Rachael Finch. I love that I am so focused on getting the dance moves right, I am not so focused on how much my legs hurt and how much my heart is pumping etc. I find dancing to be a really fun form of Cardio!

Another great workout I have been doing a couple of times a week is the fitness app, 7 Minute Workout. It is a circuit workout you can do at home (no equipment required other than a chair and step). You can do the circuit as many times as you wish but I honestly feel so sore and tired after just two circuits! I hope by the end of May, I have built it up to three circuits at a time.

As you can see, I am trying to keep the variety up so my body is constantly guessing! It also means I won't become bored and continue down the couch-potato path.

Added Inspiration

Some extra little things I have found to motivate me are:

  • Telling people about what I am trying to achieve- I feel I am held accountable and now the people around me are going to expect results!
  • Online fitness bloggers/ vloggers such as Carly Rowena and Madeleine Shaw have great tips on how to stay on track! When I feel uninspired, usually one of their videos will have a new recipe or workout to relight the fire!
  • Healthy recipe books are always great to have on hand so you can try something new and different- my current fave is Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe which has really simple recipes that are full of flavour and nutrients.

So now that I have put my intentions out on the world wide web, I am hoping this will also make me more accountable for my actions (particularly actions involving shoving cake in my mouth). I hope you may have also found some of this useful if you too are trying to create a more active lifestyle.
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