TLC Lip Routine

In the past, I have suffered from the worst chapped lips. Living in Australia and dealing with the heat and intense UV rays, my lips have taken a beating. They are also the most sensitive part of my face and very reactive to certain oils contained within lip treatments. However I have found three products that keep my lips in tip-top shape or provide TLC after periods of neglect. 

Frank Body Lip Scrub
My routine starts with a good exfoliation in the form of this lip scrub. It contains granules of raw sugar and coffee grinds and is very effective in buffing of dead skin to leave a lovely, smooth surface. I like to exfoliate my lips about once a week, after brushing my teeth. This scrub also contains beeswax and oils so your lips will not be left feeling raw and dry. This is quite a moisturising scrub. 
Price: $10.95
Available from: Mecca, Frank Body

GlamGlow POUTMUD Wet Lip Balm Treatment
Glam Glow are not messing about when they call this a “wet” lip balm. It is almost a gel-like texture so don’t go ferociously dipping your finger into this pot, chances are your finger will go right through to hit the bottom of the pot. It is super moisturising and slightly tingly, containing cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and Moroccan mint leaf. I love slathering this on at nighttime, to give my lips that extra boost of moisture through the night. I usually apply it of a morning also and don’t find that my lips are begging for more moisture until well after lunch (some other products have my lips doing this every hour!). This pot was given to me as a birthday gift (thanks Su!) but I will be happily repurchasing it!
Price: $27
Available from: Mecca (also comes in a range of tinted versions). 

Chantecaille Contour Fill
I have had this for 6 months now and love it. I cannot imagine my makeup bag without it. It is intended to be used like a lip liner, helping to prep lips for lipstick and prevent feathering (which I can attest it does!). Honestly, I like using this by itself! It leaves my lips looking supple, smooth and healthy. It applies so smoothly and the texture is very creamy, without looking too shiny. It is the perfect shade for my lips also and is a brown based nude hue. The pencil is thick so you will need a larger pencil sharpener when it gets a blunt tip. I never leave the house without this and will definitely repurchase it!
Price: $44
Available from: Mecca

When it comes to daily balms, I like to use balms in a stick. I am currently using the old and trusted Carmex. I also love the Nuxe Reve de Miel balm (pot version) but would love to get my hands on the lipstick version. I personally feel sticks are better for reapplication throughout the day, particularly due to hygiene reasons. 
If you are frequently using a balm homed in a pot, please make sure you have clean hands! I also recommend tossing out any pot balms after three months and moving onto a new one otherwise it is like dipping your fingers into an agar plate. This will not result in anything good for your lips…trust me (I learnt the hard way).

Please let me know in the comments below what your favourite lip products are! 

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