Sunday Pamper Routine

I love a lazy Sunday. Sundays are for sleeping in, having a late breakfast and doing whatever the hell I want. No chores, no work, no study. Take for instance this morning; I woke up at 8 (which is late for me considering my workweek involves 5:30am starts). Last night I went to the cinema and saw Beauty and the Beast. It has been out for weeks now and I am surprised it took me this long to see it. If you love Disney or love musicals, go and see it. Beauty and the Beast was my all-time favourite Disney film growing up, and the live action film is brilliant! It well and truly did it justice! Go and see it! (My shower karaoke is going to feature the BATB soundtrack heavily from now on).

But I digress: seeing the film meant a late night and deserved a sleep-in. I have pottered around the garden this morning (yes I have very green thumbs and love spending time in my garden). I don’t spend every weekend gardening however regardless of how my Sunday morning plays out, my afternoon is always spent pampering myself. It is my afternoon to treat myself and I think it is important to take time to care for my body and soul.

My pampering usually begins with a manicure, especially if I have been gardening. I love Essie and Guerlain nail polishes as they have decent size brushes and have great formula that doesn’t chip the next day. Today I chose Essie ‘Help Me Grow’ Base Coat and Guerlain ‘Rose Ribbon’ (2 coats). My cuticles tend to dry out very easily so I always use a cuticle oil, soak my hands in warm water and then gently push my cuticles back.

Today my next pampering step involved more grooming as my brows had been ignored for quite some time. I occasionally have my brows professionally waxed however I mostly care for them myself at home. Waxing does not faze me and my natural brow shape is easy to follow. I use Waxaway Salon Wax, which is so easy to use. Heat in the microwave, apply and pull off once set. No strips necessary. My skin typically tends to break out when I have them professionally tended to (I am yet to identify what wax/ product causes the reaction) however I have no issue with this wax!

Then comes my favourite part- bath time! I love creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom by lighting a candle. I use bubble bath products like Zoella Scooper Dooper (so many bubbles!) or a Lush Bubble Bar (so silky and colourful!). Sometimes I will take my laptop into the bathroom and watch my current Netflix obsession and other times I will read a book (I am about to start on Lily Collins’ Unfiltered). I usually slather on a facemask while I soak (today’s choice was Charlotte Tilbury’s Clay Mask) and shave my legs, if need be. After soaking I usually emerge from the bathroom feeling super relaxed and ready for the week ahead.

I sometimes repeat the bath sequence during the week if I feel I need to reset myself after a stressful day. I just love baths! I went for so long not having them but last year bought myself some Lush bath products and started using the bath again. I am so grateful I did, as it really does help me to relax and zone out.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and please let me know what you love to do in your pampering routine!
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