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I wanted to share with you products that I have come across that are really beneficial for the skin that are not lotions or potions that come in tubs. I thought "accessories" for the skin would be the most appropriate way to describe these items. They may aid the cleansers and moisturisers you apply later or be completely beneficial to the skin on their own. These are the accessories I have discovered so far, that I could not live without:

Egyptian Cotton Washers
I am an avid user of muslin cloths and face washers (or flannels) and would not dare wash my face without using one. I feel they provide a much more thorough clean than using a cleanser and splashing off with water. If you think this is a load of codswallop, try it yourself- go and wash your face and rinse off using your water and hands, then pick up a hot washer and wipe it over your face. You will see that more makeup and grime comes off on the washer after your original cleanse! 
Not only do washers and cloths provide a better cleanse, they also give your face a gentle exfoliation which I think is great for your skin to regularly receive. 
I recently picked up some new washers from Target (Egyptian Cotton Washers $3 each) which are so, so soft and gentle to use on the face. They won't provide as much exfoliation as a muslin cloth however they hold the heat from water much longer. 

Mio Body Brush
I have tried to regularly exfoliate my body through dry brushing. The idea of dry body brushing is to assist lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, remove dead skin cells, stimulate oil glands and improve the appearance of skin texture. Some people believe it helps with the appearance of cellulite but I think brushing your body is not going to have a visible effect on removing fat cells beneath the skin. 
I can say that I have definitely found it helps with exfoliation though and in general, after brushing and showering I feel much cleaner than showering alone (not referring to the number of people in the shower here). 
I used a Body Shop Brush in the past, however the bristles on the Mio Body Brush are softer and also have little massaging nodules which I really like the feel of. You can pick up the Mio brush from Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic. If you prefer a brush with a handle, try out The Body Shop

Linen Bed Sheets
I was feeling spendy, very spendy, and was in the need of new bed sheets (real need-not-want need). So rather than purchasing a cotton set like I had slept on my whole life, I went down the linen route. It was heading into Summer which in Queensland (and with no air conditioning) equals nights tossing & turning and waking up in a pool of sweat. I thought that cotton was the most breathable and coolest option for sheets and bedding, but as it turns out, I was wrong. Linen is the way to go folks! It is more breathable and feels so comfy to sleep on. In my mind I thought of Linen being quite rigid and itchy but it is the opposite! I will never sleep on anything else again! It is moisture wicking and has high heat conducting properties which means no more sweaty nights in Summer! It is also much more durable than cotton so even though they are expensive, this is an investment piece that should last you 20+ years. How does this relate to skin? Well the hot, sticky nights meant my skin (forehead and shoulders in particular) were producing small heat bumps which I have not had to deal with since switching to linen sheets. Now my skin can breathe, instead of being smothered for 8 hours every night. 
I purchased my set about a year ago from In The Sac however there are more economical versions available from H&M and the like. 

Silk Pillow Case
I have been a silk pillow convert for many years. I have put my family and friends onto it and they have then converted their family and friends. If you are sick of waking up with pillow creases down your face, looking like Scar from the Lion King, you need to switch your pillow case! 
Other than preventing the Scar-like appearance, Silk cases are also hypoallergenic, regulate heat better (just like linen) and are gentle on your skin and hair. They will prevent those sleep creases from turning into permanent lines!
The only downside is that they do mark easily- you will always want to remove your makeup at night before going to bed otherwise your makeup look will be forever set into your pillowcase. But hey, if it encourages you to remove makeup at night then that is another benefit for your skin!
I believe lots of places now offer silk cases however I will forever remain loyal to Slip (they were literally the only company offering them years ago when I first was on the hunt). They offer a lovely range of colours and sizes and also have silk sleep masks available too. 

I do have my eye on a couple more accessories that I would love to try out. The idea of a facial massager really appeals to me. I have seen the Jade Facial Roller on Cult Beauty and am very tempted to purchase. It comes in three different sizes and similar to dry body brushing, is aimed to assist lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation to aid the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. This device also provides a deep massage to the facial muscles to help the face appear more toned. It is not on the cheap side, however, which is why I have hesitated from making the purchase thus far. But it is definitely on my wish list! 

Please let me know if you end up trying any of the above items! What other skin accessories have you discovered? I am always on the hunt for new products so let me know in the comments below.

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