April Obsessions

This is my first "monthly favourites" style post and I have so much I want to share with you. I have enjoyed quite a few different things this month, spanning beyond skincare and makeup so this will be a mishmash of lifestyle and fashion pieces also! 


I have consistently been reaching for my Oskia Renaissance cleanser this month (and previous months). It is the perfect consistency and melts into the skin. I use this all over my face to remove makeup and it doesn't miss a thing. I have also enjoyed the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanser however as it cannot be used over the eye area, Oskia takes the cake.

La Roche Posay Serozinc has been in my bathroom for quite some time, however it has been getting some more use this month. I get congestion across my back towards the end of Winter every year (I think it is thanks to my skin being covered under woollen jumpers for months on end). I heard Caroline Hirons mention it being great for helping with breakouts and with the spray application, it was perfect for using on my back. This month, I have had a few more pimples pop up (on my face) than usual so have been using this as a toner, post-cleanse. One quick spritz over the face and you are done. 

Another staple to my skincare this month has been Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. With the change in weather, my skin was feeling drier than usual so I returned to using Magic Cream. It is rich and feels beautiful to massage into the skin. I find this too thick & heavy to use in Summer, however as Winter has come early, this is my go-to morning moisture hit again.


Almost everyday this month, I have applied Tarte's CC Undereye Corrector (check out the grubby packaging to get an idea of how much I use this). This is the holy grail of dark circle correctors! In the future, I will definitely do a blog looking at concealers and correctors for the under eye. As mentioned before, my dark circles are extreme, so this apricot-coloured corrector has been a godsend. If you have an issue with dark circles and are yet to try this, get yourself to Sephora!! 

I have mentioned Chantecaille's Contour Fill in my Lip TLC blog but wanted to quickly mention it here. If I am going out and wearing lipstick, I will put this on my lips first. If I want a natural nude lip, I will use this on its own. Hell, if I want a hit of moisture to my lips, I will apply Contour Fill. It is creamy, it is a pencil and it is always in my handbag. Absolute lip favourite this month!

During the work week, I keep makeup to a minimum but always tend to my eye area and brows. One way to make myself appear awake (and alive) is to load on the mascara. I have been loving Benefit's Roller Lash this month. It makes my lashes appear longer and slightly thicker but isn't clumpy and gives a more Natural vs Rocker look. 


I am a huge fan of Spell & The Gypsy (a very expensive habit) and this month purchased one of their Blue Skies Bombers in Cream. It is beautifully made with Khaki coloured lining inside. It is perfect for the cooler weather which has rudely hit us in Brisbane this week. I cannot wait to start wearing this on the regular!

Peter Alexander is a big pyjama label here in Australia and I have been wearing it for years and years. However I have found the quality has unfortunately declined and my PJs have not been lasting more than one season. So I decided to visit good ol' Target this time around for everything sleepwear (and affordable!). And I stumbled upon a very good dupe. The Peter Alexander Homeboots have been something I have loved wearing in the past however the price has steadily increased over the years to $120. So when I found boots that looked and felt exactly the same in Target (for a third of the price!!!) any loyalty I had towards PA dissipated. I have now been wearing the Target Peta Short Slipper Boot for a week and the quality and fit is exactly the same (even the logo embroidery is in the same location which makes me think they are manufactured in the same warehouse). If you are in the market for new slippers, I would definitely recommend Target's Peta boots!

While coat hangers aren't a fashion piece, they do hang fashion pieces, so I thought I would pop this in this section. While in Target earlier this month, I also bought a pack of Non Slip Hangers which are covered in a velvet-like fabric to prevent clothes from slipping off. They work! No more nasty metal hangers tangled up in your cupboard or finding your tops lying crushed, at the bottom of your wardrobe. I will be purchasing more and converting my whole cupboard! Although I have seen on eBay you can get different coloured versions and I am obsessed with Pink this month so may have to track down some pink hangers. 

I am a TV addict, no doubt about it. Foxtel, Free to Air and Netflix keeps me very entertained and this month I discovered (about 5 years too late, I know) Bates Motel. A friend recommended it to me and so I binge watched everything Netflix had to offer (Seasons 1-3). It is dark & dramatic and if I had a dollar for every time Vera Farmiga yelled "Norman!!", I would be a very rich woman indeed. Bates Motel is based off characters from the cult classic "Psycho" film. Season 1 starts off with the teenage Norman and the series shows him developing stronger psychopathic tendencies until Season 5 in which the TV show overlaps with the events of the film. I loved it and ended up watching the entire series which came to conclude this very month (well timed by me). 
Also worth mentioning is Young Pope on SBS (starring Jude Law, need I say more?), Broadchurch (amazing BBC crime drama which sadly also came to an end) and The Leftovers which has kick started its final season on Foxtel.

So that is what I loved in April! If you have tried any of the products I mentioned or want to let me know what you have discovered this month, please let me know in the comments section.
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