April Obsessions

This is my first "monthly favourites" style post and I have so much I want to share with you. I have enjoyed quite a few different things this month, spanning beyond skincare and makeup so this will be a mishmash of lifestyle and fashion pieces also! 


I have consistently been reaching for my Oskia Renaissance cleanser this month (and previous months). It is the perfect consistency and melts into the skin. I use this all over my face to remove makeup and it doesn't miss a thing. I have also enjoyed the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanser however as it cannot be used over the eye area, Oskia takes the cake.

La Roche Posay Serozinc has been in my bathroom for quite some time, however it has been getting some more use this month. I get congestion across my back towards the end of Winter every year (I think it is thanks to my skin being covered under woollen jumpers for months on end). I heard Caroline Hirons mention it being great for helping with breakouts and with the spray application, it was perfect for using on my back. This month, I have had a few more pimples pop up (on my face) than usual so have been using this as a toner, post-cleanse. One quick spritz over the face and you are done. 

Another staple to my skincare this month has been Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. With the change in weather, my skin was feeling drier than usual so I returned to using Magic Cream. It is rich and feels beautiful to massage into the skin. I find this too thick & heavy to use in Summer, however as Winter has come early, this is my go-to morning moisture hit again.


Almost everyday this month, I have applied Tarte's CC Undereye Corrector (check out the grubby packaging to get an idea of how much I use this). This is the holy grail of dark circle correctors! In the future, I will definitely do a blog looking at concealers and correctors for the under eye. As mentioned before, my dark circles are extreme, so this apricot-coloured corrector has been a godsend. If you have an issue with dark circles and are yet to try this, get yourself to Sephora!! 

I have mentioned Chantecaille's Contour Fill in my Lip TLC blog but wanted to quickly mention it here. If I am going out and wearing lipstick, I will put this on my lips first. If I want a natural nude lip, I will use this on its own. Hell, if I want a hit of moisture to my lips, I will apply Contour Fill. It is creamy, it is a pencil and it is always in my handbag. Absolute lip favourite this month!

During the work week, I keep makeup to a minimum but always tend to my eye area and brows. One way to make myself appear awake (and alive) is to load on the mascara. I have been loving Benefit's Roller Lash this month. It makes my lashes appear longer and slightly thicker but isn't clumpy and gives a more Natural vs Rocker look. 


I am a huge fan of Spell & The Gypsy (a very expensive habit) and this month purchased one of their Blue Skies Bombers in Cream. It is beautifully made with Khaki coloured lining inside. It is perfect for the cooler weather which has rudely hit us in Brisbane this week. I cannot wait to start wearing this on the regular!

Peter Alexander is a big pyjama label here in Australia and I have been wearing it for years and years. However I have found the quality has unfortunately declined and my PJs have not been lasting more than one season. So I decided to visit good ol' Target this time around for everything sleepwear (and affordable!). And I stumbled upon a very good dupe. The Peter Alexander Homeboots have been something I have loved wearing in the past however the price has steadily increased over the years to $120. So when I found boots that looked and felt exactly the same in Target (for a third of the price!!!) any loyalty I had towards PA dissipated. I have now been wearing the Target Peta Short Slipper Boot for a week and the quality and fit is exactly the same (even the logo embroidery is in the same location which makes me think they are manufactured in the same warehouse). If you are in the market for new slippers, I would definitely recommend Target's Peta boots!

While coat hangers aren't a fashion piece, they do hang fashion pieces, so I thought I would pop this in this section. While in Target earlier this month, I also bought a pack of Non Slip Hangers which are covered in a velvet-like fabric to prevent clothes from slipping off. They work! No more nasty metal hangers tangled up in your cupboard or finding your tops lying crushed, at the bottom of your wardrobe. I will be purchasing more and converting my whole cupboard! Although I have seen on eBay you can get different coloured versions and I am obsessed with Pink this month so may have to track down some pink hangers. 

I am a TV addict, no doubt about it. Foxtel, Free to Air and Netflix keeps me very entertained and this month I discovered (about 5 years too late, I know) Bates Motel. A friend recommended it to me and so I binge watched everything Netflix had to offer (Seasons 1-3). It is dark & dramatic and if I had a dollar for every time Vera Farmiga yelled "Norman!!", I would be a very rich woman indeed. Bates Motel is based off characters from the cult classic "Psycho" film. Season 1 starts off with the teenage Norman and the series shows him developing stronger psychopathic tendencies until Season 5 in which the TV show overlaps with the events of the film. I loved it and ended up watching the entire series which came to conclude this very month (well timed by me). 
Also worth mentioning is Young Pope on SBS (starring Jude Law, need I say more?), Broadchurch (amazing BBC crime drama which sadly also came to an end) and The Leftovers which has kick started its final season on Foxtel.

So that is what I loved in April! If you have tried any of the products I mentioned or want to let me know what you have discovered this month, please let me know in the comments section.

Skincare Accessories

I wanted to share with you products that I have come across that are really beneficial for the skin that are not lotions or potions that come in tubs. I thought "accessories" for the skin would be the most appropriate way to describe these items. They may aid the cleansers and moisturisers you apply later or be completely beneficial to the skin on their own. These are the accessories I have discovered so far, that I could not live without:

Egyptian Cotton Washers
I am an avid user of muslin cloths and face washers (or flannels) and would not dare wash my face without using one. I feel they provide a much more thorough clean than using a cleanser and splashing off with water. If you think this is a load of codswallop, try it yourself- go and wash your face and rinse off using your water and hands, then pick up a hot washer and wipe it over your face. You will see that more makeup and grime comes off on the washer after your original cleanse! 
Not only do washers and cloths provide a better cleanse, they also give your face a gentle exfoliation which I think is great for your skin to regularly receive. 
I recently picked up some new washers from Target (Egyptian Cotton Washers $3 each) which are so, so soft and gentle to use on the face. They won't provide as much exfoliation as a muslin cloth however they hold the heat from water much longer. 

Mio Body Brush
I have tried to regularly exfoliate my body through dry brushing. The idea of dry body brushing is to assist lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, remove dead skin cells, stimulate oil glands and improve the appearance of skin texture. Some people believe it helps with the appearance of cellulite but I think brushing your body is not going to have a visible effect on removing fat cells beneath the skin. 
I can say that I have definitely found it helps with exfoliation though and in general, after brushing and showering I feel much cleaner than showering alone (not referring to the number of people in the shower here). 
I used a Body Shop Brush in the past, however the bristles on the Mio Body Brush are softer and also have little massaging nodules which I really like the feel of. You can pick up the Mio brush from Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic. If you prefer a brush with a handle, try out The Body Shop

Linen Bed Sheets
I was feeling spendy, very spendy, and was in the need of new bed sheets (real need-not-want need). So rather than purchasing a cotton set like I had slept on my whole life, I went down the linen route. It was heading into Summer which in Queensland (and with no air conditioning) equals nights tossing & turning and waking up in a pool of sweat. I thought that cotton was the most breathable and coolest option for sheets and bedding, but as it turns out, I was wrong. Linen is the way to go folks! It is more breathable and feels so comfy to sleep on. In my mind I thought of Linen being quite rigid and itchy but it is the opposite! I will never sleep on anything else again! It is moisture wicking and has high heat conducting properties which means no more sweaty nights in Summer! It is also much more durable than cotton so even though they are expensive, this is an investment piece that should last you 20+ years. How does this relate to skin? Well the hot, sticky nights meant my skin (forehead and shoulders in particular) were producing small heat bumps which I have not had to deal with since switching to linen sheets. Now my skin can breathe, instead of being smothered for 8 hours every night. 
I purchased my set about a year ago from In The Sac however there are more economical versions available from H&M and the like. 

Silk Pillow Case
I have been a silk pillow convert for many years. I have put my family and friends onto it and they have then converted their family and friends. If you are sick of waking up with pillow creases down your face, looking like Scar from the Lion King, you need to switch your pillow case! 
Other than preventing the Scar-like appearance, Silk cases are also hypoallergenic, regulate heat better (just like linen) and are gentle on your skin and hair. They will prevent those sleep creases from turning into permanent lines!
The only downside is that they do mark easily- you will always want to remove your makeup at night before going to bed otherwise your makeup look will be forever set into your pillowcase. But hey, if it encourages you to remove makeup at night then that is another benefit for your skin!
I believe lots of places now offer silk cases however I will forever remain loyal to Slip (they were literally the only company offering them years ago when I first was on the hunt). They offer a lovely range of colours and sizes and also have silk sleep masks available too. 

I do have my eye on a couple more accessories that I would love to try out. The idea of a facial massager really appeals to me. I have seen the Jade Facial Roller on Cult Beauty and am very tempted to purchase. It comes in three different sizes and similar to dry body brushing, is aimed to assist lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation to aid the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. This device also provides a deep massage to the facial muscles to help the face appear more toned. It is not on the cheap side, however, which is why I have hesitated from making the purchase thus far. But it is definitely on my wish list! 

Please let me know if you end up trying any of the above items! What other skin accessories have you discovered? I am always on the hunt for new products so let me know in the comments below.


My Tanya Burr Cosmetics Collection

For those who don’t know, Tanya Burr is a UK YouTuber and beauty/lifestyle blogger. You can check out her YouTube channel here and her blog here. She has her own cosmetics line and has also written two books (one is an amazing cookbook full of sweet treats!). I discovered Tanya’s cosmetics range last year in the lead up to Christmas. I found her range on Feel Unique and as is usual for me at Christmas, purchased much of her range for myself rather than purchasing gifts for other people.

The range is very reasonably priced (starting around $10) and the quality of the packaging and the product is amazing! Her range includes several cheek and eye palettes, lip sticks, glosses and lashes. I have added to my collection in the months since and have shared my thoughts on them, below. 

Lip Sticks, Liquid Lipstick and Lip Glosses
The TBC lipsticks all apply so smoothly and have a satin finish. These feel so comfortable on the lips (they contain Vitamin E) and are not drying at all. The colour wears quite well throughout the day with reapplication only needed after eating food. I picked up three colours: Birthday Cake (a pretty rosy pink colour which will be my go-to this Winter), Happily Ever After (a neon salmon hue which is lovely in Summer time) and Wild Safari (an orange-based, red shade which I rocked around Christmas time). I would love to get my hands on Pink Cocoa which is a lovely brown shade. The lipsticks have yellow gold packaging which is really weighted. I love a solid lipstick and hate lightweight packaging (to me it feels cheap). So this is absolutely gorgeous considering the low price point!
The glosses also feel very comfortable on the lips and do not have a sticky texture. I have Afternoon Tea which is a similar shade to the Birthday Cake lipstick and Just Peachy which is a milky, peach hue. 
I have one liquid lipstick which I ordered in error. I thought I was purchasing the Puppy Paws gloss but got the liquid lipstick instead. As you may know from previous posts, I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks as they highlight every crease and flaw on my lips. This is a super neon, pink/salmon colour which has not had much wear. I think I will pass this onto a friend.

Eye Shadow and Brow Palettes
I have two eye shadow palettes from TBC. They both contain four shades of very pigmented and buttery shadows. Again very good quality considering the price point. The packaging is made from cardboard and they contain heart shaped mirrors which makes them seem suited for a younger market. However, I have heard Tanya mention in a recent video that she is looking to change the mirror for future palettes. I have the Enchanted Dream palette containing Moonlit Walk (a shimmery golden highlight), Cocoa Plum (a shimmery grey-based bronze), Berry Souffle (a matte mauve/brown) and Magic Carpet (a matte purple based, dark grey). This is my favourite palette! I also have the Hollywood Eye Palette which is full of warm shades to create a "Golden Goddess" bronzed look. It includes Nude Delight (matte), Gold Coin (shimmer), Enchantment (glitter/shimmer) and Bookworm (matte).

The Perfect Brows palette is very similar to the Eye palettes, containing four shadows that are finely milled. It also comes with a set of tweezers for taming those stray brow hairs and a small brow brush. The shades are Fairy Cake (highlighter for the brow bone), Pebble (cool tone for fair hair), Chestnut (warm tone for darker hair) and Hot Cocoa (cool tone for darker hair). I love that you have the three options to create a custom shade for yourself. And if you find yourself not using one shade for your brows (for me it is Chestnut), they work really well as an eyeshadow!

Body Illuminator
The body illuminator has the most gorgeous scent. It smells sweet and buttery like you have just been baking in the kitchen (which is very brand appropriate considering Tanya's passion for baking). It has a subtle, warm tinted product which blends very easily. I love using it on my legs when I am going out...or just when I want to smell like baked goods lovely. It is housed in a rose gold tube with a pump applicator for easy application.

I have not used any other lashes so cannot compare them to other brands, however I found these to be very easy to apply. I only wear false lashes for special occasions and picked up the very fluttery Bambi set from TBC. The lashes come with a small canister of glue however in the future I will be picking up some DUO adhesive as I found this glue set white (not transparent). I have a couple of Bambi sets but after wearing, I have found them really easy to remould to the tray for re-use.

So that is the end of my Tanya Burr collection! I did also buy the TBC Advent Calendar at Christmas which had some very cute polishes and glosses however I have given much of that away. Overall I think Tanya Burr Cosmetics is a great range with high quality items at a low price point. I would highly recommend visiting Feel Unique if you are based in Australia and curious about testing it out. 

I thought I would continue with this "Collection" series in the future and highlight brands that I have purchased several pieces from. If you have tried any Tanya Burr items, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

TLC Lip Routine

In the past, I have suffered from the worst chapped lips. Living in Australia and dealing with the heat and intense UV rays, my lips have taken a beating. They are also the most sensitive part of my face and very reactive to certain oils contained within lip treatments. However I have found three products that keep my lips in tip-top shape or provide TLC after periods of neglect. 

Frank Body Lip Scrub
My routine starts with a good exfoliation in the form of this lip scrub. It contains granules of raw sugar and coffee grinds and is very effective in buffing of dead skin to leave a lovely, smooth surface. I like to exfoliate my lips about once a week, after brushing my teeth. This scrub also contains beeswax and oils so your lips will not be left feeling raw and dry. This is quite a moisturising scrub. 
Price: $10.95
Available from: Mecca, Frank Body

GlamGlow POUTMUD Wet Lip Balm Treatment
Glam Glow are not messing about when they call this a “wet” lip balm. It is almost a gel-like texture so don’t go ferociously dipping your finger into this pot, chances are your finger will go right through to hit the bottom of the pot. It is super moisturising and slightly tingly, containing cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and Moroccan mint leaf. I love slathering this on at nighttime, to give my lips that extra boost of moisture through the night. I usually apply it of a morning also and don’t find that my lips are begging for more moisture until well after lunch (some other products have my lips doing this every hour!). This pot was given to me as a birthday gift (thanks Su!) but I will be happily repurchasing it!
Price: $27
Available from: Mecca (also comes in a range of tinted versions). 

Chantecaille Contour Fill
I have had this for 6 months now and love it. I cannot imagine my makeup bag without it. It is intended to be used like a lip liner, helping to prep lips for lipstick and prevent feathering (which I can attest it does!). Honestly, I like using this by itself! It leaves my lips looking supple, smooth and healthy. It applies so smoothly and the texture is very creamy, without looking too shiny. It is the perfect shade for my lips also and is a brown based nude hue. The pencil is thick so you will need a larger pencil sharpener when it gets a blunt tip. I never leave the house without this and will definitely repurchase it!
Price: $44
Available from: Mecca

When it comes to daily balms, I like to use balms in a stick. I am currently using the old and trusted Carmex. I also love the Nuxe Reve de Miel balm (pot version) but would love to get my hands on the lipstick version. I personally feel sticks are better for reapplication throughout the day, particularly due to hygiene reasons. 
If you are frequently using a balm homed in a pot, please make sure you have clean hands! I also recommend tossing out any pot balms after three months and moving onto a new one otherwise it is like dipping your fingers into an agar plate. This will not result in anything good for your lips…trust me (I learnt the hard way).

Please let me know in the comments below what your favourite lip products are! 


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Discovery Collection

When it comes to trying out a new skincare range, I believe there is no better way than grabbing one of their starter kits or travel kits. These are usually available for most skincare ranges and contain smaller versions of their signature products.  It is a great way to try a number of products on offer at a much more affordable price compared with purchasing the full sized versions. Also, if you happen to not like it, you only have a small amount of product to discard compared with a near-full jar.

I have heard a lot about Sarah Chapman facials and products from bloggers and have wanted to try her range for quite some time. I picked up her Skinesis Discovery Collection from Look Fantastic a few weeks ago and have been using it religiously, day and night.

The Kit contains the Ultimate Cleanse (15 ml), Age-Repair Serum (15 ml), Morning Facial (5 ml) and Overnight Facial (5 ml), all from the Skinesis range. It comes in a small carry case alongside a double-sided cleansing mitt.

While I have not used the products for months on end, below are my first impressions on the products and the results I have seen thus far.

Ultimate Cleanse
This cleansing product is a balm-to-milk product that melts into your skin. After massaging it in, add a few drops of water and massage your face further, turning the balm into a milk consistency. The product is then wiped off with a cloth or the cleansing mitt. Side note, I love the Professional Cleansing Mitt that comes in the set- it retains heat very well and has one textured side for exfoliating and a smoother side for delicate areas around the eye.
I found this to give a very effective but gentle clean- my skin did not feel stripped at all which would be due to the multiple oils in the cleanser. I am a huge fan of balm cleansers so this was right up my alley. The cleanser does have a strong smell (most of the products contain essential oils) so if you prefer your cleansers to be scent-free, you may want to try a different product.
The instructions state to avoid contact with the eyes, so this cannot be used to remove eye makeup.
Active Ingredients: Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Dermaxyl™, Borage Oil, Baobab Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil. 

Age-Repair Serum
This serum is designed to target and improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles (the main signs of ageing). At 27 years old, I didn’t feel like this was a necessary product for me to use quite yet however surprisingly, it is the product I am most excited to repurchase out of this set! I loved the texture of my skin after using the serum. The silky serum is applied after cleansing (both morning and night), in upward strokes over the chest, neck and face. It made my skin feel plumped and moisturized but did not look shiny, oily or feel slick (which is a small miracle considering how oily my t-zone can be).  It has a very subtle scent and applies so smoothly. As mentioned, I have only been using this for a few short weeks, however I have already noticed improvements to the pigmentation around my mouth. If you feel you are in the market for an anti-ageing serum, I would highly recommend this product.
Active Ingredients: Vitamin A, Syn®-Coll Tripeptide, DMAE, Syn®-Ake Dipeptide, Matrixyl™ Pentapeptide, VCIP Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Synovea™-HR, Pentavitin®, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-carnosine, Vitamin E, Jasmine, Lily, Mushroom, Phospholipids, Alpha Leaf Juice.

Overnight Facial
The overnight facial oil was probably the first product that drew me into the Sarah Chapman range. I have heard many a blogger mention this oil/serum and was curious to test it myself. While I wasn’t disappointed, I wasn’t overly “wowed” either. It is once again targeted at the signs of ageing and helps to firm the skin. The oil is applied over the serum and a little bit goes a long way. One small pump covered my face and neck. The oil probably did help contribute to the changes I have noticed in pigmentation but due to my naturally oily skin, my preference is towards serums, not facial oils.
It does contain a great combination of vitamins and would be more cost-effective compared with purchasing a vitamin A, C and E oil separately, like some other skincare companies encourage you to do.
Active Ingredients: Vitamin A, VCIP Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lipobrite®HCA-4, Coenzyme Q10, Renovage™, Dermaxyl™Oligopeptide, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Abyssinian Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Melon Oil, Baobab Oil, Jojoba, Jasmine, Rose.

Morning Facial
The morning facial oil is applied over the serum, as you would at nighttime with the Overnight Facial. Similarly, this product goes a long way with one small pump covering neck and face. Out of all of the products, this is one that I won’t repurchase. Not because it was a bad product or I reacted to the ingredients. It is packed full of ingredients to aid the appearance of fine lines and make your skin look plump and rejuvenated (it does give a radiant and glow-y finish to the skin). However, this was just too heavy for my already oily skin. I found that my skin looked quite slick within an hour so I have restricted myself to using this on my mornings at home, when I roam around makeup free.
Active Ingredients: Collageneer®, Juvinity™, Kalpariane®, Timecode™, Rosehip oil, Vitamin A Palmitate, Gatuline Intense®, Ultra filling spheres™, Antileukine®, Hydrasourcing (am+ps), Passion flower oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Baobab oil, Borage oil, Argan oil, Nyamplung oil.

*All active ingredients mentioned in this blog are as listed on sarahchapman.net as of 17th April 2017.

If you would like to try the Sarah Chapman range out for yourself, it is available online from:
  • Sarah Chapman online store (there is a 20 pound shipping fee for Australia)
  • Feel Unique (free Australian shipping for orders >$120)
  • Look Fantastic (free Worldwide Delivery and my personal preference living in Australia)


Priceline 40% Off Haul

It has finally arrived! I feel like this 40% off promotion happened weeks ago however my order only arrived this past week. Slow shipping aside, 40% off makeup at Priceline was amazing! I admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to products I put on my face. I am willing to invest money into makeup and skincare because our skin is our biggest organ. Spending thousands of dollars on designer items is really not my thing (except for that one time I had an out-of-body experience and purchased a Chloé handbag). But spending a hundred or so on a good serum and I really don’t bat an eyelid.

In recent times, however, my mind has expanded and I am learning that just because an item was purchased from a drugstore/chemist doesn’t mean it will be less beneficial for my skin. There are some fantastic products available from chemists that help you achieve great skin (or great makeup) without breaking the bank (see La Roche-Posay, Avéne, Nuxe Reve De Miel to name just a few). So when Priceline announced 40% off makeup, I took it as an invitation to pretty much overhaul my daily makeup items!

Here is what I ended up adding to my cart almost 40 weeks ago (hehe I kid, the shipping wasn’t that bad):

Essie Nail Polish
I ended up selecting three shades, as I could not narrow it down to one. I am a sucker for a nude but with pail skin, am often disappointed with the effect nudes have once painted on my nails. However this was not the case with Ladylike (darker pink nude in the photo). I am hooked! This nude has tinges of rose and doesn’t wash my skin out. My workday involves a lot of hands on work, but I did not experience any chipping until day 3. 
I also picked up Bikini So Teeny (as I wanted to shake up my colour options a little) and Mademoiselle (for a classic sheer, baby pink option). I am yet to try these out but look forward to it after the results of Ladylike.
Sale Price: $10.17 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation
I had slight trepidations about selecting my correct foundation shade online. “Why not just shop in-store?”, I hear you ask. Well I am a sucker for the convenience of online shopping, which, mixed with my laziness equated to me not jumping in my car and popping to the shops. I ended up selecting shade 52 Vanilla, which ended up being a pretty solid match for my skin tone. The formula is similar to Nars Sheer Glow (I wear shade Light 4 Deauville) with a light-medium coverage. It also does what the name suggests and gives a healthy, radiance-boosting glow to the skin. I really like this foundation, and for a $20 price tag, I will be using it on the regular and saving my Nars for weekends.
Sale Price: $19.20

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
Some bloggers have raved about how much they love this concealer however after my first application, I found that it settled into fine lines and creased around my eyes, by the end of the day. It does a decent job at concealing and has a convenient brush tip applicator but doesn’t wear well. I will persist with it and try it over different primers and under different setting powders, however, based on my trials so far, I do not see myself repurchasing this. 
Sale Price: $8.37

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer
I have only used this a small number of times but am impressed with the formula. It does not crease or settle into fine lines and is very easy to apply. The tube has a soft-tip applicator in a dome formation that is a great fit for under the eyes and around the orbital bone. I don’t see myself using this to conceal spots but will be grabbing it to help conceal my dark circles. I picked the shade Fair, which suits my pale skin just fine!
Sale Price: $11.37

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream (Stockholm)
I have never tried a Nyx lip product before so when 40% came around I felt there was no reason not to add one to cart. I love this formula! It has a velvet texture- the finish is matte but it feels more like a creamy and moisturizing formula. Not drying at all! And thankfully it does not highlight all of the fine creases in my lips. I picked the shade Stockholm, which from the tube appeared to be a rose-nude colour however once on the lips appears browner in undertone. I like it though and am not disappointed at all with this product! I am tempted to pick up some of the other colours in this range. The only downside is that this does not stay on the lips and reapplication is needed throughout the day.
Sale Price: $7.77

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Sculpt Palette
This palette is available in two shades, so of course I picked the Light/Medium option. I am pretty new to the contouring trend however I don’t feel the need to buy other contour products since trying this…because it is so good! The texture is so creamy and I applied it over foundation using my finger. It is very easy to blend and does not leave your face looking dirty. The highlight is very subtle and has zero shimmer so would be perfect for people who love the “no makeup” makeup look (such as myself). Highly recommend!
Sale Price: $17.97

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette
I love this little 3 in 1 palette. I must confess I have not tried out the Bronze/contour shade. However, the highlighter and blush are very impressive for a $10 palette. Both have a subtle shimmer: nothing garish or obviously glittery. The blush is a lovely peach shade and I love using it to add a natural flush to my cheeks everyday. It is also the perfect size for throwing in your makeup bag or travel bag. Highly recommend!
Sale Price: $10.17

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I have a loose, transparent powder I use to set my makeup but thought I would test out a pressed powder. It is finely milled and applies very smoothly. It does the trick for the first few hours, however I get very oily around my nose and found I needed to reapply every couple of hours. Is it the best on the market? In my opinion: no. However do you get value for money? At under $10: yes.
Sale Price: $7.17

What are your favourite drugstore items? Did you pick up any new products in the Priceline sale? Let me know in the comments below!

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