The Anti-Haul

I was browsing on YouTube the other night and watched The Anna Edit’s Anti-Haul vlog.  Anna is an English blogger & vlogger and has some great lifestyle and beauty videos (check her out here). She mentioned she got the idea from Kimberly Clark, which then sent me on a YouTube journey into unknown territory. I love discovering new vloggers and I am in love with Kimberly’s videos. She is a queen serving consumerism realness and is absolutely hilarious and enlightening to watch (you can catch her on YouTube here). The premise of the anti-haul is to discuss products you will not buy. These can be for various reasons but as Kimberly points out, so many people buy into the hype of a product and are always promoting items they have bought or want to buy. We need to start being smarter consumers and not buy into new products just because everyone else is. I admittedly have been caught up in the hype of an item many a time and later on wondered why on earth I bought it in the first place. So I have created my own list of items I will not be hauling below!

Mecca every month or so, randomly picks one or two of their Mecca Beauty Junkies and sends them the most incredible package full of a particular brands products. The last package was filled with La Mer product. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fingers and toes crossed that that parcel was going to be delivered to my doorstep. It would have been $1000s of dollars worth. However this is the only way I will ever try Creme De La Mer (or any other product by La Mer). By getting it for free. Their prices are ridiculous!

The price on the creme is $665!!!For one tub of moisturiser! $665! I don’t know how anyone could possibly afford to use these products as part of their everyday skincare routine…unless of course you were a millionaire or they sent it to you for free….. I could buy an entire skincare routine from Sunday Riley (which is a high end brand) and still have $30 to spare compared to one pot of moisturiser. Clearly they had celebrity clientele in mind when creating price points for these products. 


So I did give in to this one and actually bought some lipkits….I really shouldn’t have and I do regret it. The colours are ok, not the most flattering, but not horrible. However the formula is no good. I feel that when people apply lip product, they want their lips to appear plump and luscious. These lip kits aged my mouth by about 30 years. Turns out I have lines and creases I was not even aware of. The formula found them and settled into said lines, somehow highlighting their existence on my face. Not what I wanted to achieve at all.  It made me feel like I should look into anti-ageing products for my mouth.  I did use a balm underneath in the hope this would help but no, balm on: my mouth looked plump and moisturised, lip kit on: BOOM, aged a few decades. No thanks…


My sister owns and loves her Clarisonic. Me? Well I just don’t get it. I use my Oskia cleanser and wipe it off with a face flannel. If I want to physically exfoliate my face (beyond the level a flannel achieves), I have a separate Oskia microfoliant I can use when I feel this is needed. I just don’t think my skin would agree with being buffed by a machine everyday.
Also, cleansers can be used and removed in a multitude of ways- none of which require a machine. What is wrong with a soft flannel or muslin cloth? Or shock horror, using your hands and water?
I feel these devices added just another step to skincare routines and people bought into it.


I love Diptyque candles but their outdoor candle is just... (eyes bulge out). It is ginormous and has a large price tag to go with it…. $355. $355 for a candle, people. I mean can we stop and think about that. A candle has limited use. You know eventually you are going to reach the end of that wick and it will be gone. And in this case you will be left with one giant, ugly looking container. Don’t get me wrong, Diptyque’s regular candles are lovely and frankly, they fragrance a room without being lit. Once it is burned out you can turn said candle into makeup brush storage. But this giant, out-door version? Maybe you could store a small child in it.
Plus who wants to fragrance their outdoor entertaining area? Be outside and enjoy the smells your garden has to offer. Plant some flowers. Pop down to Bunning’s and you will see flowers can be bought for $14.99. And they grow and last a lot longer than this giant, overpriced candle.

These are my personal opinions and you may not agree with them. I am fully aware that some people love the products I have mentioned. I want to make this an open discussion so please let me know your opinions in the below comments.

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