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If you haven’t heard of Glossier, their brand is all about looking after your skin and producing a “No Makeup” Makeup look. During the week, I like to wear makeup but prefer it to look as natural as possible. So I thought Glossier would be the perfect fit for me. I bought 7 items from their online store in the US and below are my thoughts on each item.

I have already given a review on this product on my Brow Gels blog. To give a quick overview, the boy brow has a small spoolie, which allows for more accurate application. The formula leaves your brows feeling quite soft but doesn’t set them into place as well as some other gels. This product is ideal for someone with fine brow hairs (and it comes in various shades as well as Clear).

This is my favourite makeup product from my Glossier haul! I cannot implore how much I LOVE this! If you are looking for a pop of colour on your lips that isn’t too shiny and not drying, this is the product for you! I got the shade ZIP and it is my favourite red in my lip collection. It does not exaggerate any lines or creases in my lips and has a gorgeous matte finish. A friend of mine always wears a lovely sheer red colour, which she accomplishes by blotting after applying NARS lipstick. I feel like I get the same look from Generation G, no blotting necessary. I am very tempted to go back and purchase another colour (Leo is next on the hit list)!

Part of the Super Serum Trilogy, Bounce contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to replenish the skin. The serum is a cloudy, milky colour and comes in a glass dropper container (which I find aesthetically pleasing to line up on my dresser).  A couple of drops are all you need to cover your face and it absorbs into the skin very quickly. There is no sticky or oily residue left on the skin. While I have not used the product long term, I am very willing to keep going with it and am so far pleased with it.

Another serum from their SUPER Range, PURE is designed to help with spots and imperfections. It contains niacinamide and zinc and I can say I have really noticed a difference. I have been using this along my jaw and chin (I apply it at night), where I get spots and it has helped heal existing spots faster and prevent the appearance of new spots. I will 100% be repurchasing this serum.

Part clay mask, part physical exfoliant, all green. This mask is full of nutrients from leafy greens & fruits and has a thick clay consistency. However it also has small hard particles in it that exfoliate your skin as you wash the mask off. I have used this a couple of times and love slathering on a thick layer before having a long bath.

This is a very sheer, lightweight tint. It is exceptionally runny and while Glossier promote applying their items with your fingers, I prefer using my Beauty Blender. The product blends out very easily and does a nice job at evening out skin tone. However if you have prominent red patches or spots, you will need to go over with a concealer, as this tint provides little coverage. After wearing it all day, it surprisingly did not break down or look patchy. However I think in the future I would prefer a product with a little bit more coverage for everyday wear.

This thick, clear salve is great for treating any dry spots. Think chapped lips, rough elbows or knees…anywhere. It is based on petroleum but is thicker and less waxy than a tub of Vaseline. I know a lot of people love Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment however I like that this is not oily and has no fragrance. As someone who always has issues with dry lips, this has been a wonderful addition to my skincare routine. This is also the one item that is available outside of Glossier.com with sets of 3 balm dotcoms available from Net-a-Porter.

 I am really happy that I finally tried Glossier and above are some products I will definitely repurchase. The pricing is quite reasonable compared to some other brands I fork my money out on, yet the quality is not compromised. If you are tempted to purchase from Glossier, I would recommend having a quick scroll through Twitter as lots of Bloggers offer discount codes (I purchased this at 20% off). Glossier have also now launched a blush range, Cloud Paint, that is all over my Instagram feed. I definitely will try out the blush when I repurchase Super Pure and add to my Generation G collection. Happy Shopping!
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