Glossier: From USA to AUS

If you are like me, a makeup and skincare enthusiast, you probably were itching to try any product from the Glossier range. But if you are also like me and based in Australia, you would have been equally frustrated about their USA only shipping policy.

I was excited when I heard whispers of them expanding their distribution, however when Net-a-Porter were announced as an international stockist, I was a bit disappointed when they were only stocking one item from the range  (the balm dotcom). Fingers crossed this will change in the future and Net-A-Porter will provide the whole range!

However my desire for getting my hands on the Glossier range got the better of me recently and I went on the hunt for freight forwarders. Et Voila I discovered Australia Post’s Shop Mate. The premise of this service is you sign up for free to Shop Mate and are provided with a USA postal address. You can then shop from any US Online Store that only provides shipping within the US and enter your new US postal details.

Once your parcel arrives at the Shop Mate warehouse, your parcel details are uploaded to your account where you can sign in and follow the steps to pay for shipping to Australia. Then sit back and wait for the parcel to arrive at home! Unfortunately you will not know the exact cost of shipping until you enter the value of your goods and Aus Post upload the size/weight of your parcel. Bare this in mind if you are ordering shoes or items that are packaged in large boxes.

So for me, I bought 7 products on Glossier.com and shipping from US to Australia ended up setting me back $37.85 (the parcel was 0.7kg).  Originally shipping from Glossier to the Shop Mate Portland warehouse was free (woo!) and took 1 week. Shipping took 8 days from Portland to Australia. All in all, I was pretty happy with the process then ecstatic to finally have my hands on Glossier!

I will be bringing you a post on my review of the products very soon. In the meantime, if you are as crazy as me and cannot wait for them to launch in Australia, I would recommend having a look into freight forwarding companies. It worked for me!

As for me, Glossier have since released their Cloud Paint blush range…..
5 comments on "Glossier: From USA to AUS"
  1. Hey, did the sight accept your Australia credit card? Having issues with mine.

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