Brow Gels: Tried and Tested

Let me start by saying I was late to discover makeup. I went through high school scoffing at the girls who would rush to the bathroom to reapply mascara before school photos. I would walk around with my bushy eyebrows sitting like two giant caterpillars above my eyes. My skin would be blotchy and the only things I attempted to conceal were my dark circles (genetics, thanks dad) with my mother’s Estee Lauder concealer. This did me no favours, as the concealer was four shades too dark for my pale skin. Needless to say, my school photos were more akin to criminal mug shots.

Once I did discover makeup, one product I have never left the house without applying is eyebrow gel. I love the stuff. I rely on it. My eyebrows are several shades darker than my hair and as course as brow hair can be. Again, thanks dad. Therefore they need heavy-duty products to keep them in place. So let me run through the products I have tried and tested over the years.


This is my Holy Grail of brow products. I use it every day (you can tell by the amount of writing that has rubbed off the tube) and it is the best product I have found for combing my brow hairs into place and keeping them there all day long. The comb is large which allows it to get to the base of my brow and really take control of my hair. I have not tried the tinted versions as once I found the clear gel I have never looked back. I personally prefer to fill in sections with a brow pencil and then quickly comb them into place with this gem.
Price: $38
Available From: Sephora AU


I picked this up on a trip to Mecca and grabbed the gel in the shade “Universal Taupe”. The shade is probably a bit too fair for my brows however the formula is good. Brow hairs stay in position throughout the day, however I found myself grabbing my Anastasia gel over this one. The Quickie has a smaller comb which for fine hairs would allow for greater control of application of the tint, however wasn’t “solid” enough to quickly brush my unruly hairs into place.
Price: $31
Available From: Mecca


I could not help but add these to cart when I did my Glossier haul. It seemed every blogger and their dog had boy brow so I was curious to see what the hype was about. While the spoolie is very tiny, it is quite effective at getting those hairs in line. The formula however is quite unusual. Unlike the other gels I have tried, this does not seem to set hard. At the end of the day, my brows felt soft and not stiff and set into place. This did mean on days where I wore my hair out, my fringe would knock my brows out of line. However, if you have short, fine brow hairs, I imagine this would work well!
Price: $16USD
Available From: Glossier.com (for information on how to ship to Australia, see my first blog post)


When I first discovered Charlotte’s makeup line, I of course went straight to the Eyes section of her online store and picked up her brow gel in the shade Linda and brow pencil (side note: the pencil is AMAZING and has a highlighter section built into it). The spoolie on the brow gel is tiny. And I do not exaggerate. Think Zoolander “is this a school for ants???!!!”. It allows for precision application of the product however it just wasn’t the right fit for my thick hair. I have since gifted this to my mum (who has fine brows) and this works amazingly for her. It makes her brows appear fuller and lasts all day.
Price: $29
Available From: Net-a-Porter 

So the main factor I have found is, the bigger and more unruly the brow, the bigger spoolie you will need!  My pick is Anastasia Beverley Hills Clear Brow Gel. If you have fine eyebrow hairs, products like Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows will be perfect.

I have learnt to embrace my brows over the years (brow goals are in the form of Bambi Northwood-Blyth) and now regret having waxed and plucked them so much as a teenager. So embrace what you have and if you need to, aid them a little with the help of a brow gel.
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