New Brushes in My Makeup Bag

I was shopping recently on Sephora and wanted to get some new makeup brushes. It seems one eye shadow blending/ crease brush was simply not enough. I also did not have a brush for brow powder or a brush that I was happy with for concealing under the eyes.

For a long time I have used my fingers or a beauty blender for applying makeup. But let’s face it, when it comes to the eye area (brows included) fingers and sponges will not do. Was a brush necessary for applying concealer? No. But I felt like changing things up a bit and had not bought a concealer brush since visiting a Napolean Perdis counter in 2010. So I thought it was time for a change.

So there I was on Sephora, clicking my way through the categories and stumbled upon Zoeva. My sister has a whole collection of Zoeva brushes she purchased in the Gold Coast Sephora store, which I am very jealous of.  So I thought it was time to curb that jealousy and join the party. While I did not need a complete collection, I decided upon three brushes that would add to my existing collection of face and powder brushes.

The brushes I purchased were part of the Rose Golden Collection (because who doesn’t love Rose Gold?) and are made from vegan, taklon hair.

Zoeva 322 Brow Line
I have had the Tanya Burr brow palette for quite some time but haven’t used it as much as I would like as I simply did not have a brush that was effective in application. The palette comes with tweezers and a small brow brush however I found the bristles too flimsy to deposit much product into my brows. This Zoeva brush however is made from dense, short fibers, which make it very effective in creating neat lines.  I really like the soft finish it creates compared to using a brow pencil.

Price: $18
Available From: Sephora AU

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease
Once I received this brush in the parcel I realized it is very similar to my Daniel Sandler Blending brush. However I do find it handy having an additional fluffy brush for applying eye shadow. The brush is so soft and fits perfectly into the crease of my eye. I also am very slack when it comes to cleaning my brushes so I will probably alternate between the Daniel Sandler and Zoeva brush based on which one is clean at that point in time. So lazy!

Price: $18
Available From: Sephora AU

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer
I have some serious dark circles that require me to always leave the house with concealer on. I have tried going out without any makeup on however that only leads to questions like “Emma, did someone punch you in the face?”. Ah, no, that dark bruising around my eye comes naturally, thank you so much and have a wonderful day. The magic of genetics!

I have a real loyalty to Tarte CC under eye corrector- this is great if you have dark circles! The apricot tint to this product disguises the blue undertones of my circles. I like topping it off with another concealer such as the NARS Creamy Concealer (I use shade Chantilly). I apply the concealer with the doe foot applicator and then blend it out with this brush for an even finish. After years of blending with my fingers, I am happy to have this brush in my collection.

Price: $26
Available From: Sephora AU 

What are your go-to brushes in your makeup bag? Do you have a favourite Zoeva Brush? Let me know in the comments below!

The Anti-Haul

I was browsing on YouTube the other night and watched The Anna Edit’s Anti-Haul vlog.  Anna is an English blogger & vlogger and has some great lifestyle and beauty videos (check her out here). She mentioned she got the idea from Kimberly Clark, which then sent me on a YouTube journey into unknown territory. I love discovering new vloggers and I am in love with Kimberly’s videos. She is a queen serving consumerism realness and is absolutely hilarious and enlightening to watch (you can catch her on YouTube here). The premise of the anti-haul is to discuss products you will not buy. These can be for various reasons but as Kimberly points out, so many people buy into the hype of a product and are always promoting items they have bought or want to buy. We need to start being smarter consumers and not buy into new products just because everyone else is. I admittedly have been caught up in the hype of an item many a time and later on wondered why on earth I bought it in the first place. So I have created my own list of items I will not be hauling below!

Mecca every month or so, randomly picks one or two of their Mecca Beauty Junkies and sends them the most incredible package full of a particular brands products. The last package was filled with La Mer product. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fingers and toes crossed that that parcel was going to be delivered to my doorstep. It would have been $1000s of dollars worth. However this is the only way I will ever try Creme De La Mer (or any other product by La Mer). By getting it for free. Their prices are ridiculous!

The price on the creme is $665!!!For one tub of moisturiser! $665! I don’t know how anyone could possibly afford to use these products as part of their everyday skincare routine…unless of course you were a millionaire or they sent it to you for free….. I could buy an entire skincare routine from Sunday Riley (which is a high end brand) and still have $30 to spare compared to one pot of moisturiser. Clearly they had celebrity clientele in mind when creating price points for these products. 


So I did give in to this one and actually bought some lipkits….I really shouldn’t have and I do regret it. The colours are ok, not the most flattering, but not horrible. However the formula is no good. I feel that when people apply lip product, they want their lips to appear plump and luscious. These lip kits aged my mouth by about 30 years. Turns out I have lines and creases I was not even aware of. The formula found them and settled into said lines, somehow highlighting their existence on my face. Not what I wanted to achieve at all.  It made me feel like I should look into anti-ageing products for my mouth.  I did use a balm underneath in the hope this would help but no, balm on: my mouth looked plump and moisturised, lip kit on: BOOM, aged a few decades. No thanks…


My sister owns and loves her Clarisonic. Me? Well I just don’t get it. I use my Oskia cleanser and wipe it off with a face flannel. If I want to physically exfoliate my face (beyond the level a flannel achieves), I have a separate Oskia microfoliant I can use when I feel this is needed. I just don’t think my skin would agree with being buffed by a machine everyday.
Also, cleansers can be used and removed in a multitude of ways- none of which require a machine. What is wrong with a soft flannel or muslin cloth? Or shock horror, using your hands and water?
I feel these devices added just another step to skincare routines and people bought into it.


I love Diptyque candles but their outdoor candle is just... (eyes bulge out). It is ginormous and has a large price tag to go with it…. $355. $355 for a candle, people. I mean can we stop and think about that. A candle has limited use. You know eventually you are going to reach the end of that wick and it will be gone. And in this case you will be left with one giant, ugly looking container. Don’t get me wrong, Diptyque’s regular candles are lovely and frankly, they fragrance a room without being lit. Once it is burned out you can turn said candle into makeup brush storage. But this giant, out-door version? Maybe you could store a small child in it.
Plus who wants to fragrance their outdoor entertaining area? Be outside and enjoy the smells your garden has to offer. Plant some flowers. Pop down to Bunning’s and you will see flowers can be bought for $14.99. And they grow and last a lot longer than this giant, overpriced candle.

These are my personal opinions and you may not agree with them. I am fully aware that some people love the products I have mentioned. I want to make this an open discussion so please let me know your opinions in the below comments.


Glossier: Haul & Review

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If you haven’t heard of Glossier, their brand is all about looking after your skin and producing a “No Makeup” Makeup look. During the week, I like to wear makeup but prefer it to look as natural as possible. So I thought Glossier would be the perfect fit for me. I bought 7 items from their online store in the US and below are my thoughts on each item.

I have already given a review on this product on my Brow Gels blog. To give a quick overview, the boy brow has a small spoolie, which allows for more accurate application. The formula leaves your brows feeling quite soft but doesn’t set them into place as well as some other gels. This product is ideal for someone with fine brow hairs (and it comes in various shades as well as Clear).

This is my favourite makeup product from my Glossier haul! I cannot implore how much I LOVE this! If you are looking for a pop of colour on your lips that isn’t too shiny and not drying, this is the product for you! I got the shade ZIP and it is my favourite red in my lip collection. It does not exaggerate any lines or creases in my lips and has a gorgeous matte finish. A friend of mine always wears a lovely sheer red colour, which she accomplishes by blotting after applying NARS lipstick. I feel like I get the same look from Generation G, no blotting necessary. I am very tempted to go back and purchase another colour (Leo is next on the hit list)!

Part of the Super Serum Trilogy, Bounce contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to replenish the skin. The serum is a cloudy, milky colour and comes in a glass dropper container (which I find aesthetically pleasing to line up on my dresser).  A couple of drops are all you need to cover your face and it absorbs into the skin very quickly. There is no sticky or oily residue left on the skin. While I have not used the product long term, I am very willing to keep going with it and am so far pleased with it.

Another serum from their SUPER Range, PURE is designed to help with spots and imperfections. It contains niacinamide and zinc and I can say I have really noticed a difference. I have been using this along my jaw and chin (I apply it at night), where I get spots and it has helped heal existing spots faster and prevent the appearance of new spots. I will 100% be repurchasing this serum.

Part clay mask, part physical exfoliant, all green. This mask is full of nutrients from leafy greens & fruits and has a thick clay consistency. However it also has small hard particles in it that exfoliate your skin as you wash the mask off. I have used this a couple of times and love slathering on a thick layer before having a long bath.

This is a very sheer, lightweight tint. It is exceptionally runny and while Glossier promote applying their items with your fingers, I prefer using my Beauty Blender. The product blends out very easily and does a nice job at evening out skin tone. However if you have prominent red patches or spots, you will need to go over with a concealer, as this tint provides little coverage. After wearing it all day, it surprisingly did not break down or look patchy. However I think in the future I would prefer a product with a little bit more coverage for everyday wear.

This thick, clear salve is great for treating any dry spots. Think chapped lips, rough elbows or knees…anywhere. It is based on petroleum but is thicker and less waxy than a tub of Vaseline. I know a lot of people love Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment however I like that this is not oily and has no fragrance. As someone who always has issues with dry lips, this has been a wonderful addition to my skincare routine. This is also the one item that is available outside of Glossier.com with sets of 3 balm dotcoms available from Net-a-Porter.

 I am really happy that I finally tried Glossier and above are some products I will definitely repurchase. The pricing is quite reasonable compared to some other brands I fork my money out on, yet the quality is not compromised. If you are tempted to purchase from Glossier, I would recommend having a quick scroll through Twitter as lots of Bloggers offer discount codes (I purchased this at 20% off). Glossier have also now launched a blush range, Cloud Paint, that is all over my Instagram feed. I definitely will try out the blush when I repurchase Super Pure and add to my Generation G collection. Happy Shopping!

Brow Gels: Tried and Tested

Let me start by saying I was late to discover makeup. I went through high school scoffing at the girls who would rush to the bathroom to reapply mascara before school photos. I would walk around with my bushy eyebrows sitting like two giant caterpillars above my eyes. My skin would be blotchy and the only things I attempted to conceal were my dark circles (genetics, thanks dad) with my mother’s Estee Lauder concealer. This did me no favours, as the concealer was four shades too dark for my pale skin. Needless to say, my school photos were more akin to criminal mug shots.

Once I did discover makeup, one product I have never left the house without applying is eyebrow gel. I love the stuff. I rely on it. My eyebrows are several shades darker than my hair and as course as brow hair can be. Again, thanks dad. Therefore they need heavy-duty products to keep them in place. So let me run through the products I have tried and tested over the years.


This is my Holy Grail of brow products. I use it every day (you can tell by the amount of writing that has rubbed off the tube) and it is the best product I have found for combing my brow hairs into place and keeping them there all day long. The comb is large which allows it to get to the base of my brow and really take control of my hair. I have not tried the tinted versions as once I found the clear gel I have never looked back. I personally prefer to fill in sections with a brow pencil and then quickly comb them into place with this gem.
Price: $38
Available From: Sephora AU


I picked this up on a trip to Mecca and grabbed the gel in the shade “Universal Taupe”. The shade is probably a bit too fair for my brows however the formula is good. Brow hairs stay in position throughout the day, however I found myself grabbing my Anastasia gel over this one. The Quickie has a smaller comb which for fine hairs would allow for greater control of application of the tint, however wasn’t “solid” enough to quickly brush my unruly hairs into place.
Price: $31
Available From: Mecca


I could not help but add these to cart when I did my Glossier haul. It seemed every blogger and their dog had boy brow so I was curious to see what the hype was about. While the spoolie is very tiny, it is quite effective at getting those hairs in line. The formula however is quite unusual. Unlike the other gels I have tried, this does not seem to set hard. At the end of the day, my brows felt soft and not stiff and set into place. This did mean on days where I wore my hair out, my fringe would knock my brows out of line. However, if you have short, fine brow hairs, I imagine this would work well!
Price: $16USD
Available From: Glossier.com (for information on how to ship to Australia, see my first blog post)


When I first discovered Charlotte’s makeup line, I of course went straight to the Eyes section of her online store and picked up her brow gel in the shade Linda and brow pencil (side note: the pencil is AMAZING and has a highlighter section built into it). The spoolie on the brow gel is tiny. And I do not exaggerate. Think Zoolander “is this a school for ants???!!!”. It allows for precision application of the product however it just wasn’t the right fit for my thick hair. I have since gifted this to my mum (who has fine brows) and this works amazingly for her. It makes her brows appear fuller and lasts all day.
Price: $29
Available From: Net-a-Porter 

So the main factor I have found is, the bigger and more unruly the brow, the bigger spoolie you will need!  My pick is Anastasia Beverley Hills Clear Brow Gel. If you have fine eyebrow hairs, products like Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows will be perfect.

I have learnt to embrace my brows over the years (brow goals are in the form of Bambi Northwood-Blyth) and now regret having waxed and plucked them so much as a teenager. So embrace what you have and if you need to, aid them a little with the help of a brow gel.

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